Forward is a relaxed environment with passionate worship and friendly people. Our practical approach to Christian living emphasizes what Jesus accomplished rather than what we can do for God. We place Jesus above all else. We’re on a journey to experience our true identities under this New Covenant that is made sure in the blood of Jesus.

Forward doesn’t have a hierarchy of leadership that you have to climb for acceptance.  There are no “specially anointed leaders” seeking to lord authority over you.  You will be accepted and loved just like you are.  Jesus said he no longer calls us servants but calls us friends, we feel the same about everyone in the church.  There is none better than another, we’re all part of the body of Christ.

At Forward, you’ll:

  • Leave church encouraged and inspired to enjoy life and love others
  • Be set free from religious performance
  • Learn of your identity under the New Covenant
  • Better understand the finished work of Jesus Christ
  • Always be reminded that God is for you